The main aim of this site is to document as many artists as possible that played traditional old-time music and to supply photos of these musicians. The spread ranges from the early 20th century to the late 1930s and focuses not only on recording artists, but also on artists that played on radio or did personal appereances. Any additions and corrections are welcomed.


Bill Gatins' Jug Band

Atlanta, GA, based group. Members inlcuded at one time or another Bill Gatlins (jug/banj0), Jack Bell (fiddle), Curly Harris (guitar), Ed Smith (harmonica), Toots Hodge (electric guitar), Reidy Reed (fiddle), Joe Scott (bass), Freddy Hayes (piano), Tom Bennett, J.W. Smith (fiddle), Lois Poss (bass), Carl Poss (steel guitar), Vernon Whiddon (saxophone), Charlie Power (guitar), Wiley Kite (fiddle), Cecil Gilham (vocals), Jack Lee (comedian), Shorty Steed (fiddle), Bud Mote (fiddle), Johnny Street (fiddle). Regulars on WSB (Atlanta, GA) 1931-1934 and WGST (Atlanta, GA) in 1938. Recorded for Decca (1935) as "Bill Gatin" or the "Cherokee Ramblers".
Bill Gatins' Jug Band at WGST: Louis Poss (bass), Ben Ferrell (guitar), Carl Poss (steel guitar), Nick [unknown] (clarinette), Bill Gatins (jug/banjo)

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